Rafoogari - The Darning Tradition of India


It was for the first time ever, Rafoogars of India, who are specialists in Textile restoration and conservation were brought together to demonstrate their work and interact with each other. The Sanskriti Foundation in collaboration with INTACH, Indian Council of Conservation Institutes, New Delhi organized this unique workshop.

Rafoogars who independently practice the darning traditions in India along with modern restoration practitioners from various institutions were invited. There were dyers of natural dyes and a team who specialised in mounting and displaying exhibits in the Museums.
The workshop was a one of a kind experiment to recognize the skills and methods of darning as a versatile and holistic traditional practice and inculcate the awareness of contemporary conservation issues in the maintenance of rare and precious textiles.

• Highlight Rafoogari, the traditional practice of darning in India in the context of
  maintenance and preservation of historic textiles
• Bring together darners to share and exchange different techniques, materials and
• Inculcate awareness among darners about issues of conservation and restoration in the
  context of use of appropriate materials and methods


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