Potters Bazaar 2013 -from Hand to Hand


Potters Bazaar 2013 -from Hand to Hand - 6th to 8th December 2013 - Timings : 11.00 am to 6.00 pm daily
Venue: Sanskriti Kendra,Anandgram, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road
New Delhi (near Arjangarh Metro station)

Prajapati, the name of the Creator, is also another name for ‘Potter’. Potters feel very attached to their creations almost like parents to their children. Come and witness fired-earth travelling from hand to hand, from the hand of the creator directly to the hands of the buyer, with joy, love and trust.

Delhi Blue Pottery Trust, India’s oldest and largest ceramic trust, and Sanskriti Kendra, a cultural bastion, invite you to a celebration of pottery at their annual Potters Bazaar from 6th to 8th December 2013.

The bazaar which is in its third year, has gained popularity steadily,both in terms of participants and visitors. In its first year there were 50 participants, and in its third year, there are 95 participants, from all over the country! This vast display includes the glazed, artistic works of studio potters in stoneware and porcelain, as well as the beautiful area-specific work of traditional potters in rich terracotta.

The bazaar was created with the idea of offering visitors an opportunity to see the vast range of art and traditional pottery being created across the length and breadth of the country in private and public studios, in cities, towns and villages by the artists who have created them. The purpose is also to allow direct interaction between the potters, the visitors, and the buyers, and thus build a bridge to make it possible for them to understand more about the artwork they are going to buy. A very reasonable ceiling on the price also ensures that more first-time visitors are tempted to buy pottery, and pottery-lovers and collectors are delighted to be able to add to their collections at these tempting prices.
It is a happy interactive occasion for everyone, along with their families and friends, with lovely chaat stalls to feed the body, besides the art-feast for the eyes and soul.

This is possibly the largest gathering of potters at one place, in the country, where they can meet, interact and exchange ideas. The Bazaar also organizes clay related activities for children during the three day event. Live demonstrations and hands on experience in clay make this a must visit event for the entire family!