Enamel Centre

The centre is run by Sanskriti in collaboration with the Enamellist Society of India. This well-equipped Enamel Centre is set up for the purpose of promoting the art and craft of metal enamelling amongst craftsmen, artists, hobbyists, professionals, etc. By imparting training in the most up-to-date techniques the Enamel Centre is helping reinvent the use of enamel. It currently offers the following courses:

For Beginners: 4 Classes
• Vitreous enamelling on copper.
• The course will cover working with transparent flux and other industrial colours, wet application, powder dusting and stenciling. Students will go back with at least 8 pieces of 4”squares.

Course No. 2: 4 Classes
• In addition to the basic techniques cloisonné will be taught. The design is outlined by bending strips of wire to make a shape and fused to the metal piece. The space within the framework is filled with enamel.

Course No. 3: 4 Classes
• Jewellery making and enamelling on copper and silver.
• The course includes making, cutting jewellery pieces from metal and enamelling them.

One-Day Workshop on Enamelling
• Exposure to the art of enamelling through a day’s workshop for a tourist group, students, NGOs and corporate houses.

Students can register for BENCH TIME and use the studio for 4 hours a day and practise under supervision after taking the above set of 12 classes. When the students feel they are ready for more advanced techniques, courses will be organized in the techniques of Texturing, Metal Forming, Champlevé, Basse Taille, Repousse, etc.

Timings - 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Every Saturday and Sunday

For further information contact:
Sanskriti Kendra
Anandagram, MG Road
New Delhi - 110047
Phone: 91-11-8130968700
Email: initiatives@sanskritifoundation.org

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