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Sanjukta Biswas (2010-11)
Sanjukta Biswas has been awarded the first Sanskriti – Madhobi Chatterji Memorial Fellowship for the year 2011 in Indian Classical Music. She has proposed to learn Agra Gharana Alapchari according to dhrupad tradition, dhamras and some rare ragas typically associated with Agra Gharana. Sanjukta was born into a music loving family in West Bengal. Her earliest lessons in music were from Sri Amalendu Pal and Sri Kalyan Guha Thakurta. Since 1999 she is learning from her Guruma, Vidushi Subhra Guha. She is a 1st class graduate with Honors in Music from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. Sanjukta sings khayals in the style of Agra Gharana and also excels in thumri, dadra, and kajri in the perfect “Poorab Ang” of Benaras.

Ms Bilva Raman Gandhi (2012-13)
A disciple of Sushree Leela Samson, she is the second recipient of the Sanskriti-MadhobiChatterji Memorial Fellowship. The fellowship has helped her resume her passion in Dance despite motherhood and other duties. Her focus has been to better understand the conventional margam of Bharatnatyam. She has relocated from Mumbai to Chennai to pursue the same.Bilva performed at the IIC Auditorium, New Delhi on 6th September under the Fellowship.

Shri Omkar Dadarkar (2013-2014)
Shri Omkar Dadarkar, an exponent of Indian Classical Music aims to develop his potential and perfect his skills under the guidance of Guru Ulhas Kashalkar. Through this fellowship he would like to learn few uncommon and Jod Ragas like Raga Basant Bahar, Raga Hindol Bahar and Raga Khokar etc under Pandit Ulhas ji. He will be performing at the India International Centre on 6th September 2014 under this fellowship.

Vishal Krishna (2014-15)
An accomplished Kathak dancer, Vishal was born in 1991 in the illustrious family of Acharya Sukhdev Maharaj. At the tender age of 3, he started his dance training under the tutelage of his grandmother Kathak Queen Sitara Devi and his style has all the unique flavours of the Benaras culture. Apart from being a Dancer of repute, he teaches students and choreographs pieces for audiences both in India and abroad. His repertoire and performances have earned him several prestigious awards including the Shringar Mani 2007 and the Pt Birju Maharaj Sangeet Samriddhi Samman. Under the present fellowship, Vishal proposes to receive tutelage under Smt. Madhavi Mudgal on “Creating rhythmic compositions based on the Kavit parans of the Banaras Gharana of Kathak”.

Amrita Lahiri (2015-16)
Amrita is widely recognized as one of the foremost young performers of Kuchipudi today. Critics describe her as ‘gifted with a radiant stage presence’, and her dance performances and choreographies have been acclaimed for their elegance and dynamism, combined with a refined approach .Amrita began dancing at age 7 in Washington, D.C. until she shifted to New Delhi at age 15. Her dance reflects the influences of all her outstanding gurus, Anuradha Nehru, Leela Samson, Swapnasundari ,Seetha Nagajothy and Jaikishore Mosalikanti. Amrita has a Masters from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and has over 10 years of experience in arts management. Through her performances, writings, teaching and choreographies, Amrita strives to expand and share the beauties of the Kuchipudi dance form.

Ayan Sengupta (2017-18)
A Scholar of ITC Sangeet Research Academy under Pt. Partha Chatterjee and Pt. Ajoy Chakrabarty, Ayan started learning to play the Sitar at the age of six. He has also learnt from Pt. Manilal Nag and then Pt. Kushal Das. He is currently doing an M.A. in Instrumental Music from Rabindra Bharati University after obtaining a 1st class B.A. (Hons) degree in Instrumental Music from the same university. Ayan has many awards and scholarships to his credit. An A-Grade artist of All India Radio, Ayan has performed all over the country as well as in Dhaka. He has had the privilege of being invited to play at the National Festival 'UNITY IN DIVERSITY' organised by the CCRT in New Delhi, among other prestigious concert stages.He is the recipient of the Sanskriti-Madhobi Chatterji Memorial Fellowship in 2017.

Shashwati Garai Ghosh (2018-19)
She is a leading odishi dancer from Kolkata and is widely acknowledged as one of the best Odishi dancers today. She is the senior most disciple of internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer Sharmila Biswas, her association with her guru since 1999 has made her grow as a dancer she wanted to be in every aspect. Shashwati is the first recipient of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Yuva Pratibha Samman along with other honours, she received the 2016 Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar for Odissi. In Kolkata, she runs her own Odishi dance institute: Angashuddhi - to nurture, and pass on the experience of learning Odishi dance to the next generation, to explore more vistas and encourage and imbibe the roots of odishi to the next generation. She is the 7th recipient of the Sanskriti-Madhobi Chatterji Memorial Fellowship.

Sawani Shende-Sathaye (2019-20)
Sawani was introduced to Indian Classical Music at a tender age of six by her grandmother, Smt. Kusum Shende, a noted singer of Kirana Gharana. Sawani’s father, Dr. Sanjeev Shende, a disciple of Smt. Shobha Gurtu, further groomed her in semi-classical genres. Quest for more and more knowledge in music brought Sawani to learn under the expert guidance of Dr. Smt. Veena Sahasrabuddhe, a noted classical vocalist from  Gwalior Gharana.
Sawani’s music is a beautiful soul searching combination of the Kirana and the Gwalior Gharana, where she mesmerizes audiences with enchanting melody and strength of both. Sawani’s confidence and mastery in Khayals, her crystal clear diction and overall sensitivity in presentation takes every performance to a very high aesthetic level. Her rendition of semi-classical genres highlights the emotive and expressive quality of Indian classical music.
Sawani has performed at various prestigious concerts around the world and within India. She has been a recipient of  Ustad Bismillah Khan YuvaPuraskar 2018, “Aditya Birla Kala Kiran Puraskar” 2017, “Pandit Jasraj Gaurav Puraskar”, besides many other National and International honours.

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