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Mr. Debashish Das (2007-08)
Mr Debashish Das (born on 28th March,1979) is an Architect and Urban Planner. He did Bachelor of Architecture from Indian Institute of Technology-Roorkee, and Masters in Urban Planning from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. He joined the Department of Architecture of Jadavpur University in Kolkata, as full-time Lecturer since July, 2005.He has also completed an international training on “Integrated Urban Planning” from BTH University, Sweden. His areas of research are Sustainable Urban Planning and Low Carbon City design. He is pursuing his PhD in Low carbon city design from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He has also completed a research work on “Urban Renewal in Kumartuli, approaches for preservation and rejuvenation of an old historic settlement in Kolkatta, applying the principles of Town Planning of Sir Patrick Geddes” , sponsored by Sanskriti Foundation, New Delhi, India, Aug,2007

Mirambika Free Progress School (2011- 2012)
Mirambika Free Progress School, Aurobindo Marg , New Delhi was awarded a Project under the Geddes Scholarship to sensitize children towards modern and ancient town structures. The project involved the students to do activities based on Geddes’ principle of town planning. Their activities involved visit and research in local areas of Delhi, visit to Bahraich District in UP, putting up exhibition and bringing out a School Calendar with their comparative study of cities.

Sardar Patel Vidyalaya (2012-13)
The Heritage Club atSardar Patel Vidyalaya.(2012-13) New Delhi was awarded the Geddes Scholarship and it proposed to unravel the dialectics between the traditional syncretic culture of Delhi and the urban culture of Delhi that is fast transforming it into a “world class city”. The Project aimed at :

  • Providing an opportunity to young adults to explore and observe their own landscape to understand the dialectical and complex relationship between physical and social environment.
  • Enabling them to use their collective energies to dig into its diverse, syncretic past and also look at how and how much of it has changed, evolved and developed.

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