Sanskriti Awards

Instituted in 1979, the Sanskriti Awards were the Foundation's first project. These awards were our contribution to the task of nation-building at its most fundamental level. They were a token of our solidarity with the significant cultural and social work being done in India as well as with creative and youthful endeavour at its best. The Sanskriti Awards inspired and honoured many young Indians striving to attain excellence in their chosen fields, as well as others who had already demonstrated great talent in their respective disciplines. The purpose of the awards was to strengthen the awardees' confidence in their own capacities and strengths, and to emphasize that they were not alone and unheeded in their endeavour.
The Sanskriti Awards were given in the fields of Literature, Journalism, Art, Music-Dance- Theatre, and Social and Cultural Achievements. They were among the most coveted awards in India and many of the recipients have achieved distinction in their chosen field. Sanskriti’s example has been followed by many. After consideration of contemporary needs and socio-cultural development in India, the Foundation has decided to discontinue its Awards programme and replace it by a series of targeted fellowships.

list of Past Awardees
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